About Grains and Greens


We at FarmOn group are guided by the following principle:

FarmOners Agriculture Cooperative products are marketed and distributed exclusively by Grains and Greens.

Grains and Greens is a trading company located at the National Highway, Victoria, Alicia, Isabela. It was established in November 17, 2017 and was granted license by the National Food Authority. For more than two (2) years, Grains and Greens has grown and is now currently building a brand that promotes only locally produced agricultural products.

To date, Grains and Greens has been helping farmers in Regions 1, 2 and 3 by partnering with her sister company FarmOn Agri-Community Corp (FarmOn). All agricultural products of FarmOn is exclusively distributed by Grains and Greens. Grains and Greens is not just an ordinary trading company it was actually established to help farmers. Last year, the Rice Tariffication Law (RTL) was implemented and the price of palay and rice has gone down. While many traders imported rice, Grains and Greens remained steadfast in supporting the local farmers and did not join the band wagon. Instead of importing rice, Grains and Greens bought palay from the farmers even in the far flung areas and remained one of the few traders that are selling only locally produced rice.

This year, Grains and Greens has stepped up its cause by introduced a project they called "Adopt-a- Barangay" where they assure the local farmers in different areas that their produce will be bought at a fair price. This project aims to motivate the farmers to remain in the field of farming and plant again.

The main focus of the project would be palay for now but it will expand in the future. This is to support the local farmers who are now greatly affected by the changes in the agriculture industry, specifically that of rice trade.

The FarmOn ecosystem makes Grains and Greens different from the other trading companies. It is operating without relying from other outside industries or organizations.

From actual farming to processing of the agricultural products, each of the process is well crafted and thought off... from smart farming to cutting edge technology... everything just for one thing... QUALITY and INTEGRITY!